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“If you had a choice to smile broadly and invitingly or closed mouth what would you choose? As a salesman my job is to deal with people up close and after years of being self conscious about my coffee-stained yellow teeth I decided to make a move for my career – to let people know that I enjoy them and that I’m self-confident. ModernSmile recently opened in my neighborhood and this past weekend I spent a quiet, peaceful hour, with dimmed lights and music. I would have been happy even if I had emerged from my private room without a change – but wow, what a difference! 60 minutes and my teeth were restored to a white I hadn’t seen since my first cup of coffee 50 years ago! This week, smiling ear-to-ear has been transformational – the world is even a bit brighter to me. Thank you ModernSmile.”
– LW

“I wanted to thank you for helping my fiancee and I get our smiles ready for our upcoming wedding. We were so surprised at how easy it was to get a whiter, brighter smile. You and your staff were extremely knowledgeable and helpful with tips to keep our smiles bright right up until our wedding in July. It truly was such a delightful experience and I have to admit we were surprised at how relaxing an experience it was. Who would’ve thought 1 hour would’ve made such a difference…. It was well worth every penny! Thanks again and we cannot wait to send you pics from our “white” wedding!”
– BS

“My teeth have never been as white, thanks to your whitening spa. I have tried the home strips in the past and found that they were messy and annoying. Modern Smile gave me the results that I have been looking for. As soon as I was at work the very next day I began to receive compliments on how white my teeth were. I work in sales and I have always been self conscious of the color of my teeth. Speaking with clients face-to-face is an essential part of my day, and now I can smile with confidence knowing that my teeth are so white. Thank you so much Dr. Wachs!”
– LF