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Patented custom instant bite tray with gel to last for 4 days. Simply bite down into the tray to make it custom for your teeth and then place the gel in the tray. Sit and relax for 15- 30 minutes. Remove tray and rinse out and you are on your way to a brighter and whiter smile. The custom tray will last you for years. Just replenish with more gel when needed. It’s that easy!

The gel used is a 12.5% hydrogen peroxide gel. It is nano sized gel so it absorbs into the teeth faster than other whitening gels. For faster results use the Accelerate powder as directed in the Mist White kit and the Repair and Shield before and after the whitening session to protect against sensitivity.

You can alternate days of whitening with Mist White and White Boost. The Whiten from the Mist White system can also be sprayed directly into the bite tray.

The gel is safe for dental work including caps, bondings, and veneers and will help remove surface stains from these surfaces. Do not use if you are pregnant, nursing, or wearing braces.

Call us to order now for $39.50.