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ModernSmile Mist White

ModernSmile Mist White

This proprietary, three-part home teeth whitening system includes Accelerate, a powerful, stain-removing powder catalyst; Whiten, the first of its kind spray-in dental-strength gel tooth whitener (at 9% hydrogen peroxide); and Repair & Shield, ionic vitamin and mineral mist to protect, rebuild, and strengthen teeth and gums.

The fastest delivery method of a teeth whitening gel available. Instead of laying on the surface of teeth, as other systems do, Mist White works directly inside the tooth for a deeper way to whiten.

Simple, quick, and convenient to use. Works in 2 minutes.

100% natural, safe, and non-acidic.


Accelerate is the first teeth whitening product of its kind because it is a “chemical catalyst”, ensuring maximum teeth whitening results are attained with the minimum amount of product and the least amount of time.


The Mist White proprietary Whiten formula, delivered in ionic (nano) particle size to penetrate deep into the tooth tubules. It is the development of a delivery system for a dental-strength teeth whitening gel. This was accomplished by suspending particles in a smaller size than those in teeth whitening products past.

Repair & Shield

This exclusive formula delivers ion-active nutrients to protect sensitive teeth and gums. Seal in the white and help teeth resist future stains! The Mist White ultra-fine nano technology allows for targeted application of protective nutrients, to get as much as you need, just where you need it. Starts to work immediately to eliminate sensitivity. Seal in the white and help teeth resist future stains with Repair and Shield. Doubles as a long-lasting breath freshener as well!

Simple pH testing has confirmed that all other whitening gels on the market that use carbamide or with glycerin, are at a pH of 5.5 or lower. Many dental studies have proven that a pH level lower than 5.5 is damaging to teeth and leaches valuable minerals. This is what causes the pain and sensitivity that comes with other teeth whitening products.

Mist White is pH neutral, so it’s truly enamel-safe whitening.

Call us to order for $39.50.